How To Use Induction Stove? (Step by Step Guides)

Have you just bought a new induction stove and do not know how to use it? If yes so here I am going to share with you the step-by-step guide to use an induction stove. The induction stove is very familiar nowadays because of having advanced features. Anyone can use it without having an issue that is why people are shifting from induction stove to gas stove.

Before I started with the technical words, Let me explain to you that how does an induction stove work in a simple way. You might remember that friction generates heat and we all have been taught in our science classes that if we rubbed our hands, it will create heat. This the reason to be rubbed our hands in the winter season to keep us warm.

Similarly, an induction stove works, it uses electrons inside of cookware to create friction that makes your pot or pan warm. The induction stove never creates a flame which is another plus point of the best induction stove.

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Induction Stove Requirement

Now there are some basic points you need to keep in mind before using an induction stove which is below.

  • Regular power – It required regular power because if you are cooking something and your power got cut so it can create an issue in your cooking that is why is important to have a regular power supply in your kitchen.
  • Special VesselsĀ – An induction stove required a special pan, pot, and cookware magnetic made of materials because every induction stove uses electromagnetic technology that generates heat inside of cookware.

How To Use Induction Stove?

Now let me break down the step-by-step guides to use an induction stove. Read the rest of the guides to learn everything to use an induction stove to cook crispy, tasty, and fantastic food.


When you order an induction stove online so you get the fixed stove. You just need to unpack the stove. Once the unboxing is done, you can install it with the help of a manual. You should follow all the instructions to get to know about its required voltage, current, and other specifications.

Once you read the manual, check out the ceramic glass surface. It should be clean and not have any cracks or defects in workmanship. If you have seen any cracks that immediately replace that stove.

Using Induction Stove

Once you install the stove and bought cookwares for the cooking, you are all set and ready to use the induction stove.

  • Place the pan on the flat surface and make the 3.4-inch gap between the stove and all around the induction to avoid blockage of air vents.
  • Switch on the stove and wipe the bottom of the cookware. It will take a minute to heat the stove then cook your food. The stove comes with one, two, three, four, and five heating zones which depend on the design.
  • You can control the temperature with the help of switch controls. There are major three types of switch controls in the control panel of the Induction. A press button control, A rotating knob control, or a touch sensor control.
  • Every Induction stove comes with an LED display that monitors your cooking temperatures, powers, timings, etc for a better experience.
  • The using duration can be an issue for some people. An induction stove can be used for around 2-3 hours after this duration, it will shut down.
  • If you see any error on the LED display, check out the instruction booklet and fix the problems but still the problem does not resolve, consider calling customer care.

As well as you use the stove, you will learn everything by itself. Now let’s talk about some additional features which you can use while cooking food.

Additional feature buttons

How To Use Induction Stove?

Every induction stove comes with some additional features which you need to know for advance cooking.

Preset menus – Most of the induction stove comes with preset menus which is suitable for all type of cooking. In this feature, the heat and time already set that helps beginners to cook food without having advanced knowledge. You can easily use the preset button by simply choose the menu button you wish.

Wifi or remote control – Some stove comes with a remote control but this type of stove has a high price. If you are using a smart stove then you can control all the settings with the help of a remote.

Child safety – Some stove comes with child lock that helps the children’s safe from the induction stove while doing any naughty activity. The feature is helpful for you if you have children in your home. When you use this feature then all the buttons will get locked and the program will continue to run. For activation, you just need to press the child lock to prevent it from any accident.

Pause button – This feature is the best feature that helps you to pause your cooking. If you have any urgent work so you can use this pause button to pause your cooking. Once the urgent work is done, you can resume the cooking.

Residual heat light indicator – Most of the products come with residual heat light indicator that indicates the heat after cooking. If you want another operation with the stove so wait until the indicator stops.

Safety cut off

This feature comes with all the stoves for safety purposes. This safety cut-off feature works fantastic. If you use a stove on a high setting for a longer time then it will be switched off automatically but If you use it on a lower setting it can be work around 10 hours without switching off.

Automatic pan detection

Automatic pan detection is another fantastic feature. If you have a stove so you might have seen a ring around the flat surface that detects the pan. If you kept the pan on the stove, it will start working and heating the pan. Once you have removed a pan on the stove so it will take 30,60 and 90 seconds to detect the pan, after that it will switch off automatically.

Voltage fluctuation detection

Some induction stove comes with voltage fluctuation detection that detects the voltage function. If It detects any fluctuation so it will immediately inform you about the fluctuation with the help of a voltage detector sensor.

Cleaning a stove

Once you complete your booking then it is time to clean the stove. The cleaning process is quite easy but you need to keep some points in mind. If you do not have an idea about cleaning an induction stove then check out our guide on how to clean an induction stove.

Final Words:

Most of the time, you do not need addition features so you can go the basic and normal use of induction stove. If you are an chief then you should need to keep additional features in mind otherwise for a housewife or normal women, a normal and basic detail is enough to use.

I hope you like this post where I have told you that how to use induction stoves step by step. I wish with the help of these points, you will be able to use your induction stove without any other guidance. Getting knowledge before using anything is very important. If you have questions so feel free to comment. I will try to reply as soon as possible.

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