Induction Stove Vs Gas: Which Is Better To Buy?

Are planning to upgrade your kitchen or the way of your cooking but still in confusion to choose the best style of cooking between induction stove vs gas? If yes so you need to read the rest of the article because here I have shared the detailed comparison between induction stove and gas that will clear your doubts.

Both Stove (Induction and gas) comes with their own specifications and pros and cons which I am going to compare your points and can make the decision to buy for your kitchen.

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    Induction Stove Cooking (Pros & Cons)

    Induction Stove pros & cons

    Induction stove is smart way of cooking that uses electromagnetism to heat the stove for cooking. This is very modern way to cook food. An induction stove comes with variety of shape which has many specifications and this is very smooth and fast way to cook your food.

    How it works?

    Every induction stove works differently and it does not work like any gas stove. An induction stove has a tightly wound copper coil underneath the zone. When you switch on the electricity button, the coil started to flow the electricity that creates a high frequency alternating magnetic field.

    This electromagnetic field which the coil produce will create a heat reaction between the induction zone on the stove and the bottom of the pan that is why the induction stove requires a different type of pen which has made from magnetic metal.

    When you cook the food so first, you have to place the pen on the induction stove flat surface which flows the electromagnetic field into the metal magnetic material pen that generates a current inside of the pan for heating then the pan transfers the heat into the oil, vegetable, ingredients to cook your food.


    • No heat wastage – In the gas stove, the gas covert into flame then it creates heat after that it directed heat to the pan or pot but on the other hand, an induction stove directly transfers the heat to the cooking vessel through the magnetic field.
    • No heat on the stovetop – When you use the gas stove so you get to know that the induction only stays on the cooking vessel and is not distributed around the stovetop which prevents the danger of being injured and lets your kids play their game around stoves tress free.
    • Safety – The best thing about an induction stove is that it does not produce a flame that is why the stovetop always is cool at the time of cooking. It required only metal material pan or pots because it generates electromagnetic energy which only can transfer the electromagnetic appliances that is why you can use the induction stove without any fear and even you can put your hand on the flat surface without getting burned or any negative consequences.
    • Simple and easy – This is very easy to use compared to the gas stove. You do not need any special training for use. You can also read our post on How to use an induction stove If you do not have any idea to use an induction stove.
    • Easy to clean – This type of stove is very easy to clean and there are some basic ways to clean an induction stove. If you do not know to clean the induction then check out our post on how to clean the induction stove to learn the cleaning process.
    • Look – The induction stove looks modern in the terms of design and feature because you get the touch button to control temperature and on-off function.
    • Easy to carry – In the terms of carrying, this stove is best and easy because it comes with lightweight that let you carry it for a picnic or anywhere.


    • Special Vessels – This is the biggest disadvantage of having an induction stove in your kitchen. An induction stove required special pots, pans, and other cooking vessels made of magnetic materials because it uses electromagnetic technology to transfer the heat. This type of pan and pots can be more expensive than your regular vessels.
    • Power Interruption – If your area has a power cut issue then it can be a problem for you because induction stove needs the power to cook your food and without power, it cannot produce heat that is why if you have regular electricity then it can be the best choice for you.

    Gas Stove Cooking (Pros & Cons)

    Gas Stove pros & cons

    Gas stove cooking is traditional cooking which many people prefer to use all over the world and it is very easy to narrate that how the gas stove works but before narrating it, let’s talk about some key points. The gas stove basically uses natural gas like butane, propane, or liquefied petroleum gas.

    It is very easy to use the gas stoves. You just need to on the regulator by rotating the regulator option and use the gaslighter to blow the flame. Now you can control the temperatures by adjustments that will help you to cook your food according to the temperature.

    For cooking food on a gas stove, you do not need any special pots and pan. You can use your existing pan or pots to make your crispy and tasty food.


    • No power cut – This one of the main pros of using a gas stove. You do not need to depend on the power supply for using a gas stove. Even when the power got cut, cooking crispy and tasty meals for yourself won’t be disrupted.
    • No heat wasting – The best thing about a gas stove is an immediate response. If you turned off the stove, the heat immediately disperses.
    • Cooking temperature – For any type of cooking, you required the temperature on a different level and a gas stove lets you adjust the temperature according to the dish requirement. You can easily adjust eh temperature to high or low but on the other hand, you have to spend a lot of time adjusting the temperature in a smart induction stove.


    • Cleaning difficulty – A gas stove is very difficult to clean because every type of stove comes with metal grates that hold the pan on flame during your cook. Usually, the food spills around the burners that take a lot of time to clean or maintain the burners.
    • Requires installation – Whenever you buy a gas stove, you will need an expert to install the stove because your stove can be of 2 burners, 4 burners, and more that is why without an expert, the install process can be an issue for you.
    • Gas danger – Using a gas stove can be dangerous for you because a stove required butane, propane, or liquefied petroleum gas which can be dangerous at your home. If your installation is not proper then the gas leakage can create an explosion at your home.
    • Cooking with flame – In a gas stove, you have to cook your food with the help of flame which is another issue because a small mistake can create fire at home at the time of cooking but in an induction stove, you do not need to care about fire, explosion, etc.
    • Difficult to carry – When you use the gas stove so you also use the gas cylinders that transfer the gas to produce a flame that is why If you want to carry a gas stove then it can be problematic for your to carry a stove with the cylinder.


    Is induction cheaper to run than gas?

    In the terms of price, the gas stove is cheaper than the induction stove but when you calculate all the expenses like installation and monthly gas cylinder expensive then you realize that induction is cheaper because it uses electricity and does not any type of installation.

    Does induction boil water faster?

    Yes. this is 100% true that the induction can boil the water faster than gas stove because it directly transfers the heat into pan or pots.

    Does aluminum work on induction cooktops?

    No. It only only works with magnetic metals to transfer electromagnetic energy to the vessels.

    Final Words:

    I wish this comparison was helpful for you. I have shared the detailed comparison between induction stove vs gas to clear your all doubts. Every stove has its own advantages and disadvantages. Now you need to decide which stove can be the best suite for your kitchen.

    If you like the traditional way of cooking then go with a gas stove but if you are smart and love to use the smart product. I highly recommend you to buy the use an induction stove to make your cooking faster and cool. In my opinion induction stove is more easy, safe and fantastic for kitchen.

    I hope there is no any doubt in your mind regarding the induction stove vs gas but still If you have questions so feel free to comment. I will try to reply as soon as possible.

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